Superior Evaporants Incorporated

Technical Information

Material: Titanium Dioxide



Formula: TiO2

Molecular weight: 77.9

Product Form: Black tablets ~ 2 grams and 6 grams

Catalog#:  2600 and 2610


Density: 4.26 g/cm3

Melting point: 1830oC

Linear expansion coefficient:  1 x 10‑3/K

Solubility: Insoluble in H2O  



Type analysis:

Iron(Fe)          <50 ppm

Nickel(Ni)        <15 ppm

Manganese(Mn)     <10 ppm

Chromium(Cr)      <12 ppm

              Copper(Cu)        <20 ppm


Properties of thin film:


Transmission range: 400‑2000nm

Refractive index at 500nm ~ 2.35

Evaporation temperature~2200oC

Structure: rutile



Hints on evaporation:


Substrate temperature ~ 250oC

Deposition rate ~ 30nm/min

O2 partial pressure ~ 1‑2 x 10‑4 mbar


Evaporate using E‑Beam

Carefully bakeout material and create a plug under shutter making sure material is stable and free of O2 bubbles. Plug may have to be pre baked a couple of times. Do not over use plug.




Multi‑layers, dielectric high reflectors, low absorption and low scatter inner cavity laser mirrors (especially for 632.8nm laser mirrors and output couplers).